Top Cop Suite

Top COP is a comprehensive and cohesive suite of tools to address key features missing from today’s IBM Information Server Product.
The Administrator combines the functionality of the DS Administrator, Auditing Tool, Migration Tool and Log Analyzer into a single web application.
The Collector gathers system performance data and statistics from Datastage Engines & Database Servers. Job performance data including memory and CPU usage is captured at the individual process level.
As triggered by the Collector, The Optimizer analyzes system and performance data for the purpose of fine-tuning resource utilization to maximize data movement performance. The Optimizer Reporting interface show job performance history and suggested run time configurations.
The Commander is a robust execution engine that intercepts the Datastage job run process (DSJOBS). Jobs are queued as the commander evaluates resource availability and dynamically creates an optimized runtime configuration for each job to be executed with.

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