ETL Health Check

Success in today’s info-centric environment depends heavily on your organization’s effective and efficient use of information. Considering the high cost of hardware and software maintenance, it is critically important that your information systems investment meet all your data processing requirements, performance expectations and service agreements.   The achievement of these goals requires that your systems and processes be kept up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices.

To help organizations both large and small to meet these challenges we offer the ETL Health Check program. The ETL Health Check provides the critical expertise needed to:

Increase data throughput on existing hardware
Reduce cost of ownership
Identify inefficient system design
Identify inefficient ETL designs and ineffective practices

Our consultants are experienced Architects & ETL Developers from IBM and other top tier organizations with many years of hands-on ETL experience across a multitude of industries from manufacturing, banking, healthcare, telecom and entertainment.

To achieve the most value from time and resources are consultants are equipped with TOPCOP. TOPCOP is our own state of the art tool for:

Resource monitoring and management
Real-time performance analysis
Real-time dynamic environment self-tuning
Web based reporting system

Don’t waste another dollar of your precious resources schedule an ETL Health Check for your organization today.

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