You are at risk!

Have your plans to create a productive data lake resulted in little more than a dangerous data swap?   Do your tools require cumbersome data extracts before analysis and discovery can begin?  You are using the wrong tools. A lapse in control and the unintentional exposure of sensitive data can result in heavy fines, legal jeopardy, and even personal criminal convictions. You need Big Data Revealed.

As a complement to an intelligent catalogue Big Data Revealed reconstructs the missing ingredients needed to create an intelligent Big Data Catalogue and free Data Scientists to concentrate on producing real information from your Data Lake .  Big Data Revealed puts Hadoop Big Data discovery at your fingertips. Unlike any other tool available, native discovery, metadata exposure, pattern analytics and anomaly identification are all made actionable with Big Data Revealed from within the big data environment.

Big Data Revealed lives within the Hadoop environment and uses Apache products Spark, MapReduce and others to efficiently produce quality results. Big Data Revealed provides functionality that quickly identifies Personally Identifiable Information, URLs, Emails and Social Security Numbers.   Technical staff can use Natural Language statements as well easily add new data patterns to BDR’s already extensive library.  Big Data Revealed provides native Discovery, Metadata, Pattern Analytics, Anomaly identification all from within the big data environment. Our APIs allow in-house processes to ‘Call’ the pieces of Big Data Revealed needed for discovery before the data is placed into the Hadoop environment. All of this comes with the ability to perform a few clicks to drill down to the transaction / record of source.

Why gamble, when Big Data Revealed so easily safeguards your data integrity?

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